Workshops: 2019


Costumed Figure Painting in Oils

space limited: reserve your spot

August 12th through August 23rd

Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm

Location: Russian River Atelier, Santa Rosa CA

10 Day/Full Course  $1325* or 5 Day/Half Course $700*

Learn to paint confidently using a logical method that renders the creative process streamlined and obtainable. Instructors Jay Blums and Naomi Marino trained in the Old Master Tradition and combine over 20 years of teaching experience. They will guide students through the oil painting process from start to finish. This is an ideal learning environment that is both supportive and academic, with hands-on guidance and critiques tailored to meet individual needs and varied skill levels.

This course will cover vital foundational information for successful portrait and costumed figure painting. We will work primarily from a single extended pose in order to fully explore our subject and create a convincing likeness. Lectures, demos, exercises, and all prima studies will complement and enhance our work on the long pose. 

Workshop will cover:

  • Techniques of comparative measuring for capturing an accurate likeness at any scale 

  • Methodical steps for accurate drawing

  • Breaking down a complex image into several manageable discreet steps

  • Understanding color, including how to use value, chroma, and hue changes to enhance realism

  • Creating the illusion of detail without losing the big picture

  • Pigment selection, setting a palette and how to mix color with control and confidence

*includes model fee and some materials