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Naomi Marino is a contemporary American-Swiss realist painter based in Northern California. After studying art in a university setting as well as apprenticing at a private atelier, Naomi’s interest in Dutch still life, Renaissance art and 19th century master paintings led her to relocate to Florence, Italy, in pursuit of a strong foundation of technical mastery in painting and drawing. There she studied under Maestro Michael John Angel at the Angel Academy of Art, and honed her craft through rigorous training, workshops, teaching, and independent study. Naomi’s work has earned various awards and scholarships, and can be found in private and public collections in Europe, North America, and Australia. !

Naomi adheres to an intense, careful observation of nature, and the study of time honored techniques combined with a contemporary discourse, viewing craftsmanship and artistic vision as equally essential. Initially she is engaged in abstract considerations such as the rhythm of light and dark shapes, gesture and movement; with the narrative potential of objects offering further interest. Her work seeks to discover beauty in the everyday, be it a collection of objects, a portrait, or a figural work, reconnecting the viewer with a sense of wonder and contemplation.